Addressing Behavioral
Health Needs of Patients
in Primary Care

Whole patient care focused on health behaviors and behavioral health to achieve improved quality of life.

Because of our whole person focus, we are uniquely poised to reduce patient burden of mental illness and chronic disease, enabling your practice to succeed in value-based care.

The most vulnerable patients have the highest level of behavioral health needs – but often
cannot get timely access to care – which has a multiplier effect on health care costs.

Access Issues

Shortages of behavioral health resources and heavily burdened providers have created long wait times for patients.

Quality Issues

Numerous handoffs between providers and lack of evidence-based treatment results in inefficient and chaotic utilization and poor outcomes.

Cost Issues

Unmet behavioral health needs and ineffective treatment of health behaviors exacerbate the challenges and costs of treating patients with chronic conditions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for individuals living with the challenges of behavioral health needs and chronic health conditions.

Janus Healthcare offers a targeted health care solution built upon proprietary technology and the Collaborative Care Model (CoCM) which has been validated by decades of clinical practice and research. CoCM has been proven to drive improvements in both behavioral and physical health with a historical ROI of 6:1.

Our approach integrates population-based and practice-directed behavioral health care which in turn makes primary care more effective. This helps ensure holistic patient care, supports treatment adherence, and leads to improved health outcomes, quality of life, and reduced total healthcare costs.

A cost issue borne out by numbers.

10% of the total U.S. population drives 70% of health care costs, and within that 10%,
more than 60% of costs come from patients with behavioral health conditions.1

Janus Healthcare Partners

We are your strategic provider group for helping to deliver quality holistic care, obtain treatment adherence, improve patient quality of life, and reduce total health care costs.

We offer a turn-key Collaborative Care program to extend the reach of primary care providers and ensure access, improve patient care quality, and deliver total health care value.

Our Collaborative Care program is powered by the Samepage Digital clinical care management platform.

1. Source: Milliman “How do individuals with behavioral health conditions contribute to physical and total health care spending?” (2020)


More likely to achieve remission from depression compared to usual care


Reduction in number of patients with uncontrolled blood sugar (A1c <8%)


Reduction in the number of patients with uncontrolled blood pressure (<140/90)


Decrease in Emergency Department visits


Reduction in hospitalizations over a 6-month period compared to usual care


Multiple clinical trials demonstrate 6:1 return on investment

Leadership Team

Co-founding partners bring together clinical excellence,
operational efficiency, innovation, and partnership.

Nicholas Tcherepnin

Chief Executive Officer

Nicholas led enterprise-wide strategic initiatives as the former head of strategy and corporate development for Magellan Health, where he directed innovation, investments, and mergers and acquisitions to expand Magellan’s capabilities and market share. His expertise was leveraged to orchestrate the sale of Magellan Health to Centene Corporation.

Paul Ciechanowski, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Board Certified in Psychiatry and a faculty member at the University of Washington, Paul is our clinical lead with his extensive experience in family medicine and diabetes care. He has conducted foundational NIH and CDC studies and developed national training programs in collaborative care, addressing the needs of individuals with complex medical issues and those with challenging social determinants. He is also the founder of Samepage, a clinical workflow management tool for deployment of evidence-based CoCM.

Richard Clarke, PhD

Chief Operating Officer

Richard led the Magellan of Arizona Medicaid program where he pioneered innovative models of behavioral health including zero suicide, integrated person-centered medical homes for individuals with a serious mental illness, scaled managed care best practices, and implemented effective systems of care serving over 150,000 members. As the SVP of clinical operations his work included clinical innovation and best practice in Medicaid, Medicare, and commercial clinical operations serving millions of members Nationwide.

Ana Gupte, PhD

Founding Strategic Advisor

Ana is a Strategy, Finance, and Innovation leader and Principal Advisor with over two decades of experience in the field of Health care Services, Digital Health and Therapeutics. Ana is passionate about strategy, innovation, and policy trends in health care focused on improving cost, quality, and access. Ana was most recently Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer and SVP at Florida Blue Cross Blue Shield and its parent Guidewell. She is well recognized for her health care coverage for over a decade as an Equity Analyst in the firms of Alliance Bernstein and SVB Leerink. She also held senior leadership positions in Strategic Planning at Aetna and Pfizer.

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